The British museum

You are going to have an excursion to the British Museum and quickly test yourself on this topic doing some on-line exercises.

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You are going to watch the first part of the video about the British Museum and complete the sentences with the words given.

You are going to watch the second part of the video about the British Museum and choose the correct variant.

You are going to watch the third part of the video about the British Museum and decide if the following sentences true of false.

Remember: you can watch the video only twice. Use the button below the video to start watching.


Move the cursor onto the variant from the bottom panel and drag it towards the sentence you choose.

  1. The British Museum was founded in .
  2. The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court was designed by Foster and Partners as a .
  3. Karl Marx wrote in the Reading Room.
  4. The Reading Room contains of bookcases and of shelves holding over books.
  5. There are more than objects in the Enlightenment Gallery.
  6. The orrery is a mechanical model of .
  7. The giant east island statue was a gift to .
  8. The Aztec and Mayans Gallery contains a of figures and Aztec sacrifice masks.
  9. A double-headed serpent was worn by around the neck symbolizing fertility.
  10. Much of the items in the Native American Gallery were brought to England by .
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Click on radio button to select your answer.

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Click on the check box to mark true sentence.

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